1. Lot Selection

Find the lot or property where you’d like to build. This could be your property, a Breeden neighborhood, or a lot for sale in any neighborhood.

2. First Consultation

Are you concerned about overlooking something important on the building site? There are many things to consider. With your free consultation with Breeden, we’ll meet you at the property and take in your ideas. We might be able to answer many questions then and there. The rest of your questions will be answered promptly via email or a phone call.

3. Preliminary Plans

Bring in your design or share your ideas with us. Meet with our home consultant and get the process started. We’ll schedule a meeting with our home designer.

4. “Special Services Agreement”

You are wondering: Are the design time fees going to be too expensive? The Special Services Agreement tells you what the hourly rate will be. We can discuss the process. It can be a small price—we’ll show you how. Breeden will manage the process and avoid getting bogged down in too much designing.

5. The Revision Process

Who can get their entire design right the first time? That’s what the revision process is all about. You get a set of drawings to take home, new ideas pop up over a cup of coffee or a chat with the family, you make a list of what to change, and we have our first revision. This can go on until it feels right to you. But, if you want to get it done faster with less cost, don’t worry because the Breeden team can offer ideas and help with decisions.

6. Final Plans and Pricing

You are finally done designing! It’s a good idea to have a thorough review with our home designer. Next, the design package is given to the Breeden estimator and builder to work-up the price to build your home. Price estimation will take one to two weeks. You’ll receive a multi-page detailed rice out of what is included in the house and a total price.

7. Interior Design Consultation

While the Breeden staff is calculating your home’s Itemized List, now may be a good time to schedule a meeting with Breeden’s Interior Designer. She will be able to collect your ideas about lighting, doors, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, cabinets, countertop materials and much more.

8. More Consultation for “Green” or “Special” choices

You might have questions about special lighting, mechanical or electrical features and “Green” alternatives. While you are waiting for the Price Out, this might be another time to have a discussion with Breeden’s home consultant.

9. Price Out (Itemized List) is ready for review

Couple2It’s time to review and bring in the “wish list.” Is the Price Out in-budget? Yes. Oh boy! Now’s the time to consider adding more from your “wish list.”

10. The Price Out is done

Let’s write the “Home Purchase Agreement.” This is when we write the construction contract (HPA).

11. Making changes after contract signing

We have a change order procedure to help you quickly make a change.

12. Review the complete set of design drawings

As part of the Home Purchase Agreement and approximately one week after contract signing, the complete set of construction drawings needs your review and approval. This is a very important step to thoroughly review the construction drawings for accuracy.

13. Drawings submitted to order building permit

We are now in the waiting period for the building permit office to issue a permit. The time will vary by city.

14. Receipt of permit

Construction can begin. Excavation will start the construction phase.

15. Home completion nears

Prepare for the close of escrow and delivery of the home.