Customizing a Plan with Breeden Lets You:

  • Start with a tested and well-designed floor plan
  • Save money
  • Speed up the process

1. Pick a Design

To get started customizing a plan, first pick one of our plans. You can come out to the model home and work with us or browse our website.

2. Meet with Us

Now is the time to bring your ideas, list of favorites list and photographs to meet with our Home Consultants. Our Home Consultant will help you through the selection, purchase and building process. They want you to have the best experience possible and are dedicated to that goal.

When you meet with our Home Consultant you will:

  • Review your ideas
  • Review options and get ideas
  • Make your choices

3. Your Initial Design

Our building team will sharpen their pencils and pour over your plan. It will take them 2-5 working days to give you a detailed initial price. They will even offer you alternatives that can help with your budget. And don’t worry; you will be able to make changes. Most of our customers will have three to five revisions before they feel like they have it just right.

4. Refining Your Design

When the team is done wearing down their pencils, you’ll review your package and price. You’ll get a detailed list of all the items you choose and you’ll get options to consider. Next, you may want to meet with our Home and Interior Designers. They will help you further refine your design and selections. They are very good at helping you stay within your budget. After everything feels just right, it’s time to write up your final design package and price.

5. Design Package Approval

This is a big day, one of many in building your home! You and your Home Consultant will go over the final Design Package and price in detail. Once everything looks just like it should, you come to this exciting moment of signing your personalized plan. But, there are still a few important steps.

6. Lender Pre-Loan Approval

Couple1If you found a good lender who understands home construction, you’ve been having good conversations along the way. You’ll to need ask with final purchase price in hand, “Does this work?” Your lender will sharpen their pencils, look at your final number and give you an answer. If all is well, then you hurry back to your Home Consultant with the very exciting news, “We have a loan commitment!”

7. Home Purchase Contract

Breeden’s staff will now pull out their pencils (okay, their computers but you get the idea) and write up your contract. After you meet with your Home Consultant to review and sign it, we recommend you have a party. Hey, you’re about to build your specially designed home!

8. Start Your Home

You’ve made it! And, we are just as excited as you are. We love building homes for people; we can hardly wait to start.