After Years of planning, you’ve found the property you want and are ready to build your dream home. But, your excitement is quickly replaced with worry over all the unknowns of the project. Can I afford what I want to do? Who should I trust to answer all my questions accurately? Our experienced team can help you through every step of the way.

Our Approach

At Breeden, our approach is to meet at the property and let you describe what you’d like to do. Together we can step off the location of the house, talk about the driveway and consider what the slope will do to the design. Did we tell you this service is free? We’re not here to make any sales pitch. We want you to get off on the right footing (pun intended) and continue to make the best choices for your time and money.

Where We Build

We build in Eugene-Springfield and the surrounding areas and communities. Check with us on our current availability by using the contact  form,  calling our offices 541-686-9431, or call our realtor Don York, 541-954-1620.