How will I do change orders if I’m not in town to look at choices?

Several people on the Breeden staff can help you find the products at local retail outlets or websites. Our interior designer, home consultant, construction manager and designer can point you to the best resources.

What if my move date changes?

Breeden understands your work and family life challenges and how they might impact the schedule. Please let us know if there needs to be a change.

Can Breeden pull up a completion date?

We will give you a good idea of completion and stay in communication.

What if my mover arrives and the house is not ready?

Frequently, movers need to finalize their schedule several weeks before your home is ready for occupancy. Breeden recognizes this and will set a very accurate schedule and manage it to the day you move in.

What about the landscaping? How do we plan to get some things done before we arrive?

The landscape design process can be coordinated through the Breeden team as well. Drawings, ideas, pricing and more will be handled much the same way as designing your home. Of course, you can choose to pick and work independently with a landscape contractor.

Breeden Homes Build from Away, OregonWho will coordinate the escrow close date and signing at the title company?

The Breeden team will be getting paperwork completed and delivered to escrow at the right time. We will be in frequent contact with your lender as well as the escrow officer.

I don’t know who will be my utility companies, garbage, phone and TV services. How do I find out?

We’ll have a list, phone numbers and websites for you.

Will the power and water be turned off when I arrive?

No. Utilities will be left on and the account will be left in Breeden’s name. We ask that you promptly transfer the account to your name soon after move-in.