Building Smart. Building Green. That’s Green You Can Live With

“Green you can live with” is about you and striking a balance. It’s about building a green or greener home. So, how are you striking a balance? It is about your choices in a home and the balances you make about costs, payback, size, style, social responsibility and much more. Undoubtedly, when you research your next home, energy savings in the form of design, space saving, appliances, lighting, heating and air conditioning, and more will be considered. Breeden will be at your side to advise and share our knowledge about how to use your dollar for future savings and environmental benefits. You’ll find people who care about the environment, ready with product information and ready to help you weigh the costs and benefits.

What is “Green” Building?

  • Energy efficiency

    It is about products that reduce energy consumption, including appliances, heating, cooling, water, lighting and insulation.

  • Healthier living environment

    It is clean fresh air constantly supplied in the home’s envelope and products that don’t emit harmful substances. It is about balancing health, function and affordability.

  • Home design

    It is the home’s orientation to the sun, efficient use of living space and construction techniques that find energy savings.

  • Property landscape

    Family2It is low water demand plants, rain water runoff and reuse, and creating appealing and private outdoor spaces that minimize the overall footprint.

  • Sustainable production processes

    It is forest products made from growing, harvesting, and delivery systems that reduce environmental impacts. It is recycling building materials taken from buildings and structures gone obsolete.

  • Home builder’s construction practices

    It is waste materials at the job site that are recycled or collected and disposed to environmentally mindful reclamation centers.

Green Benefits

Is “green” worth the cost and compromises to your ideal home design? How will it benefit my home’s market value when I go to sell it six years from now? The good news is that most “green” choices you make will start repaying you the moment you move in.

  • Reduced bills on electric, water, and natural gas
  • Reduced bills on landscape and exterior maintenance
  • Your home’s environment is healthier
  • Yard and exterior house maintenance will not overwhelm you
  • Space saving design will mean efficient furniture needs and less house cleaning
  • Management of your home is less complicated
  • There is the satisfaction of supporting community. It is a good feeling to know you have made your carbon footprint smaller.
  • You’ll find that homes as efficient as yours will sell at a premium. As energy costs continue to go up, you’ll be comfortable knowing rising costs won’t take such a big bite.

Breeden Green Basics

Every home we design includes green building considerations. You will find many green features from our construction practices to our homes including:

  • Recycling of the wood, metal, cardboard, paper, and Styrofoam construction waste
  • Land preparation and preserving of existing vegetation where possible
  • Designs and construction that conserve water and energy inside and out
  • Large and well placed windows for solar gain
  • High efficiency MILGARD® windows with low E-coating and Argon filled double panes
  • LED lights throughout
  • Natural gas high efficiency water heaters
  • Mastic seals on HVAC ductwork
  • 92% efficiency furnaces
  • R49 insulation in attics
  • Heel trust roof system that allows for full insulation depth all around the roof edge

Breeden Green Options

Do you want to go even greener? Do you want low VOC paints, finishes and carpets? Looking for locally sourced woods? Even higher efficiency appliances? A tankless water heater, perhaps? Blown in batt insulation? More?

Building with Breeden will allow you to choose just the right mix of green for you! We have experience building Energy Star® and Earth Advantage® homes. We can help you pencil out the many options available and get just the right level green home for your budget.