How often can I get updates about what it will cost me?

Rough estimates can be as frequent as you’d like them to be. Once the estimator’s price out is complete, we can calculate price changes as they occur.

I have a change of plans and can’t start building until later. What will this do to my design work?

Nothing. We’ll schedule new meetings when you want to restart.

I want to take my time and spread the designing over many months. Can I do this?

Yes. We want to accommodate your busy schedule.

What if I discover a big mistake with the design during construction?

The design process will be very thorough. Several “eyes” will look over the drawings. The “Plan Review” and sign-off by you is critical. Mistakes can be corrected.

Do I get to keep a complete copy of the house drawings?

You may not need them for a very long time. Typically, a need arises when you want to remodel your home. Breeden will keep files of your home for a very long time. We’re happy to print drawings when you need them.

What will be the warranty on a complete custom home?

The same warranty we provide with all our homes. Please see the details on our warranty here.

Can the house be partially completed and finished by me at a later date?

Yes. But, certain portions of the home will need to be finished to receive the Certificate of Occupancy and pass building code. Just ask what you’d like to do and we’ll see if it can be done.