How do I learn what the design costs will be?

We can discuss the total design and give you a cost range based on our past experiences with customers.

How often will I get design cost updates?

If it takes only one revision, we’ll have an answer within a few days after your change request was submitted. It may not cost you anything. The first five hours of changes are free (when you sign a contract to begin construction). We can give you a tally of hours after each revision.

How many meetings will it take?

Typically, customers need one to three meetings.

When do we need to schedule design meetings?

We’d like to make them at your convenience. The Breeden main office hours are preferred but weekends and after work can be planned.

Can I learn quickly what a design idea will cost me before I spend much time pursuing this with the designer?

I don’t want to waste money and time on “not-in-the budget” ideas. Hopefully, we can give you an estimate during the meeting. Since previous customers have made similar requests, we’ll have the knowledge of their cost.

When do I pay for the design time?

Breeden will mail you a bill. Once you’re done getting your home just right, we will tally the hours and send a bill.

Will it be expensive?

For most customers, changes that require design drawings typically range from a few hundred dollars to less than two thousand dollars. The first $250 dollars is free if you sign a contract to build a home.