Look for Trends on the 2010 Tour of Homes

The 2010 Home Builders Association of Lane County Tour of Homes begins this weekend on July 24th and promises to inspire with design innovation, energy efficiency, and new technology. I hope you plan to attend.

Countless articles in building industry trade magazines as well as all the popular media talk about a sea change in home buyer needs. The claim is that a huge set of concerns are driving a big coming change – the cost of energy, awareness of “green” alternatives, and a reexamination of the size of our home. Supposedly, we all want multi-purpose rooms, smaller homes, lower cost of ownership, and more. Technology and space design innovation will deliver the solutions. But where is the local home buyer on this wave of changing needs?

How will practitioners in the design and builder industry know what is most important to you? How do we provide the flexibility in design, construction, and our processes to fit your needs? The Tour of Homes is a great opportunity to mingle, debate, and share ideas. Take some time to meet with us at Breeden’s tour home. Respond here in the comments about your impressions on the Tour.