Watch Us Build

Watch us build a home on our website for a home under construction or on Facebook

Go to a home listing on our site, and at the bottom of the page; you will find tabs for things like floorplans, Videos, and Construction Photos in the Facebook images for that house.


You can also go on over to Facebook and click on Photos in the menu bar. There you will find a photo album for many of the homes we have built or are building in River Heights.

John Thompson, our excellent construction manager, creates a photo album for every house we build. He takes photos from start to finish on the job site so you can watch a house go up. Every stage of the home is photo-documented so that you can see under the skin. We love that John is a photojournalist for our homes and walks people through each stage, along with a little humor from time to time.

One of John’s photos for each house showing the wood with low moisture and ready to go.