Q&A with our CEO – Green HVAC

Less talk and more walk.

I’ve been talking about “Green” ideas and part of that conversation has included the heating system. So now is the time to show you what we mean. The question is: What is the best way to condition your home environment? Let me borrow heavily from a “Green” publication – the newsletter from Northwest Energy Star Homes, “Builder News” from July August, Technical Feature.

“This seems like a simple question, yet the answer is never as simple. Before we can answer, we must consider the purpose of the HVAC system: provide comfort in the form of conditioned air to occupants when it gets too cold or hot outside. The most efficient and effective way for a furnace or air conditioner to function and provide comfort is to locate the equipment and ductwork inside the conditioned space. Yet most builders in the Northwest place systems in garages, attics, crawl spaces and utility sheds. Why? Because of space and cost …

As a result, residential distribution system losses in the Pacific Northwest have been shown to range from 10-15%, mostly due to the location of the equipment and ductwork outside the conditioned space. But move the equipment and duct system inside the house and distribution losses approach zero. This not only makes the system more affordable to operate for occupants, it also improves comfort, reduces the likelihood of condensation on equipment, and minimizes contact with indoor air quality contaminants commonly found in garages, attics and crawls.”

Want to see how this works in real life? Please visit our recently completed home, the Emerald, at 943 Brenda Avenue in Junction City. It is close to our model home (see our Neighborhoods section or Google the address for directions) and try to guess the square footage. I think you will be surprised at the spaciousness (not to mention the oversized garage) and you will see how nice a home with the system in the house works. Hint: it looks the same as most homes.

May you find the home you envision.