It’s not the fast food motto, “super size me”…

More visitors to our model home these days are saying, “I want to downsize”. Perhaps it’s the economic times, or a transition into retirement, or a trend to go smaller.

Whatever the age group or the reason, the new home builder has a big challenge. Home has become an ever diverse place for the individual or family’s life style. More of us insist on a place for the office, hobbies, guest quarters, privacy for a live-in parent, offspring that are kids or adults, and exercise equipment.

The home buyer has a big challenge when going smaller. “Can we put all our stuff in it?” How can we have flexible space to use for several things? What will change for us in the future?

I’ll be writing a series of blog posts drilling deeper into the downsizing challenge.

Better yet, tell me your downsizing design ideas and I’ll be happy to have you in the conversation.