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Q&A with our CEO – Green HVAC

Less talk and more walk. I’ve been talking about “Green” ideas and part of that conversation has included the heating system. So now is the time to show you what we mean. The question is: What is the best way to condition your home environment? Let me borrow heavily from a “Green” publication – the… Read more »

How Much Are the Taxes on this Home? with our Realtor

“What are the taxes…?” It’s a frequent question from visitors to our model home. If my visitor is in the 55+ age crowd, I can expect this question to arise nearly every time. If you’ve owned your home in Lane County for many years, you know the considerable break you’re getting in property taxes versus… Read more »

Q&A with Byron – Green Items

Greetings, When we left our intrepid “looking for the balance in green” hero, he was mentioning a few of the new items being promoted. Things like HRV’s and ERV’s. An HRV is a Heat Recovery Ventilator and an ERV is an Energy Recovery Ventilator. The HRV basically balances the incoming and outgoing air in the… Read more »