Building Smart

‘Building smart’?” You wonder.

What if you were to climb into a capsule atop a huge rocket that, minutes away, will shoot you into orbit? What if you just learned that the people that built your rocket were not smart engineers? In fact, some were not qualified engineers at all. I bet you’d be a bit concerned.

If your home was to be shot into orbit, wouldn’t you take a very close look at how it is constructed and what materials were used? Since it won’t be leaving the launching pad in its lifetime, you are far less careful about “smart engineering” or “smart building”. Sadly, new home buyers tend to go too far and not challenge a builder. Or, when uninformed, we make poor choices.

What is Building Smart?

At Breeden, we’re proud about ‘smart’ things we do. That’s why “building smart” is one of our tag lines. So, what is it?

Better Construction

It’s about better construction techniques. Have you heard about “Raised Heel Trusses”? What do they do? Simply put, they provide for more insulation in the ceiling. Without them there is a lower depth of insulation at an important location- next to the exterior wall. So, all along the exterior wall (every inch where your rain gutters should be located) is a spot where less insulation will exist. Don’t think that’s a big deal? Then, measure the length of rain gutters around your roof. That’s a lot of distance to have less insulation. Did you expect R38 rated insulation throughout? Nope- not without raised heel trusses.

It’s about in-house framing crews. If the framing work is done by Breeden crews we can control training and control the quality. What’s more important than getting the “bones” precision aligned on your home.

Better Products

It’s about better products that may cost a small bit more but will far outlast the cheaper alternative. Consider Rehau plumbing lines. Look at their beefy solid brass couplers and stubs for the copper ends. Rehau is the preferred product for commercial buildings. Water leaks would cost a commercial building a bundle; particularly multi-story structures with a maze of water lines. Breeden chooses to protect you from such disasters by installing Rehau. In contrast, most homes are using the cheaper alternative and this can mean an untimely leak in the near future.

It’s about getting detailed bids from subcontractors. We want to understand the costs to save you money.

Better Environment

How many homes, more than a few years old, have you visited that have whole house ventilation systems? Breeden has installed these systems for many years and long before the new “green” requirements say it’s good. It’s a system that brings in fresh air and exhausts bad air frequently and keeps humidity in check. This is particularly important when we keep our homes closed tight during the winter months.

But, “building smart” won’t stop with what we put in your home today. Breeden continually researches new design and products to help you make smarter decisions.