Storage Solutions – with our Realtor Hersh Jenkins

I’m surprised this is not more important to us. I enjoy the opportunities in my job to listen to future home buyers describe what they want in a home. Frequently, I hear about room sizes, the need for a home office or a bonus room, and a space for the RV. But, surprisingly, few discussions… Read more »

Q&A with Byron – Green Items

Greetings, When we left our intrepid “looking for the balance in green” hero, he was mentioning a few of the new items being promoted. Things like HRV’s and ERV’s. An HRV is a Heat Recovery Ventilator and an ERV is an Energy Recovery Ventilator. The HRV basically balances the incoming and outgoing air in the… Read more »

Then and Now with John

Lets say you walked into a car showroom in 1960 to see the latest and greatest automobiles the world had to offer. You would marvel at the refinement these cars showed compared to the earlier cars from the 30’s and 40’s. Granted, they had grown in size for added comfort and had many new technological… Read more »

Q&A with Byron (continued!)

Hello again, When we last were talking we left off asking the question “what are the building things that can make my home energy efficient?” and by that I mean the items and workmanship that will make your home more livable and help to lower your energy costs. Here is the BIGGIE. Limit and control… Read more »

Q&A with Byron

Greetings, Dave Berry once said that the easiest way to cover a subject was with a question and answer format. He said it worked best when he made up both the questions and answers so having no shame in using other’s ideas I’m going to go with Dave’s. Question: What size should my home be?… Read more »

Building Green

So you want to be green. Are we talking Kermit, Hornet, or chlorophyll with a dash of parsley? In following postings I hope to share the things that I have learned about being green, in the energy sense, over the past many years. There will be a little history, a little self promotion (I hope… Read more »